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Strategic Alliances

Ron Byrne, Senior Vice President

"We are a diverse, positive and collaborative team that creates innovative Customer-focused solutions while respecting a healthy work-life balance."

Ron Byrne, Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances
For nearly 30 years, Strategic Alliances has proactively navigated a dynamic Stop Loss market. The division has worked with employer self-funded health plans offering stop loss coverage as a risk management tool through outside marketing and administrative partners. In recent years, we have seen this market continue to soften due to excess capacity from both direct carriers and business written by managing general underwriters.

Though we have developed many strong partnerships in the market, made changes to our rates and implemented tighter underwriting standards to focus on profitability, the dynamics faced by the industry created many challenges for Strategic Alliances’ profitability. After analyzing the uncertainty this market brings, in late 2022 we developed a market exit strategy for our stop loss block of business. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition for both our Customers and our Colleagues as we implement this strategy.