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Customer Experience and Revenue Support

Larry Alkire, Chief Customer Officer

Customer Experience and Revenue Support

2022 was another productive year for the Customer Experience and Revenue Support division. Our post-pandemic presence at worksites continued to normalize and this was reflected in our robust marketing and revenue support demand. We continue to focus across the enterprise on continuous improvement and leveraging new technology that focuses on Customer support and efficiency. See the highlights for Customer Engagement, AFLEAVE™, Business Development, Business Transformation, Marketing and Office of Innovation and Research and Development.

Business Development
We expanded our paid digital advertising in anticipation of our new internal business unit, AFLEAVE™, which is set to launch in mid-2023. This will focus on the needs of employer groups for administration and product demand for the various Paid Family Medical Leave (PFML) programs being introduced in different states. This effort will also reinforce our brand awareness and will shift a significant amount of work from our employer Customers to American Fidelity.
We continue to showcase our Customer experiences in testimonial videos that we produce. We added 15 new powerful case videos focusing on the value we bring to our Customers.

We redesigned our pre-enrollment materials to provide situational-based materials that clarify our value proposition.
Marketing created an extensive volume of materials for PFML education by state including e-books, a dedicated website and sample employee communication.
We added new functionality for our field staff so they can now initiate email campaigns that are compliant with some customizable capabilities.
We initiated a new Benefits Breakdown video campaign that’s focused on educating employees on all things surrounding insurance. Our goal is to familiarize our Customers with terms and concepts related to employee benefits in an easy and understandable way.
We initiated our Legal Buzz campaign, which is a newsletter that highlights new and changing benefits law that impacts our employer groups. It focuses on all things compliance and legislation that may be valuable information for our employer Customers.
We continued our focus on Net Promoter Score (NPS) improvement. This measure’s Customer loyalty at the employer and employee levels and we track and set objectives based on the feedback we receive.

Customer Engagement
We expanded and improved our chat functionality for all states. This presents several great ways that our Customers can engage us for servicing the products and services they depend on.
We found new ways to augment our traditional call center approach by recruiting in areas other than near our headquarters. This not only allowed us to attract great new talent, it has also helped us better meet our metrics that reflect great Customer service.

As previously mentioned, this new administration system is set to launch in 2023. We’ve not only added staff for our new venture, we’ve added subject matter experts to provide employer education surrounding related compliance topics.

Office of Innovation and R&D
We developed a new business model that builds on our “Customer for life” philosophy. In 2023, we’ll introduce a new service that will assist existing employees as they near retirement age. The new services will include retirement seminars and webinars, a retirement website with planning tools, and a live call center that will be able to help our Customers with their needs relating to public pensions, Social Security, Medicare and other retiree needs.
We continued to evolve our efforts to leverage artificial intelligence (AI). AF was one of the first 15 companies admitted to a private beta with Microsoft that focused on OpenAI with GPT-3 and ChatGPT technology. We continue to develop ways to leverage this new technology.
Our R&D area continued to expand our automation footprint by assisting our Billing area with achieving balanced premium posting, automation for drop forms and other automated processes that eliminate the need for Colleague intervention. They also developed a billing turnaround dashboard to assist with faster invoice processing.
Our R&D area assisted Annuity operations by automating several processes that were previously done manually. With automated data feeds and underwriting, the annuity operations department has been able to process business and Customer requests with greater efficiencies while eliminating errors.
The R&D Colleagues were able to initiate efforts for workforce and innovation upskilling. They developed curriculum to help upskill Colleagues in emerging technology and AI. This helps us quickly utilize new process improvements across the organization.