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Message from our chairman

why we're a different opinion

Our Guiding Principles

Throughout our decades of success, we’ve remained true to our core beliefs and corporate culture, which are exemplified by a collection of guiding principles we call the 5AFs – Always Fair, Always Focused, Always Flexible, Always Future-Oriented and Always Financially Secure.

Environmental, Social & Governance

We believe that a strong ESG proposition will help create value for our Company, Customers and stakeholders.

The Future

Our strategy is to continue our focus on niche worksite markets and continue to deliver the valuable resources of time and expertise to help make things easier for our Customers.

"I am once again very pleased with the growth and ongoing financial strength of our organization."

bill cameron, Chairman and ceo
In 2022, the world continued navigating the return to normal following COVID and American Fidelity remained focused on providing the products and services our Customers and policyholders want and need. I am proud of American Fidelity’s efforts to successfully serve our Customers for more than 60 years now. Although many things have changed, one thing has remained constant, our dedication and determination to be there for those we serve in their time of need.

I am once again very pleased with the growth and ongoing financial strength of our organization. We continue to focus on growing, strengthening our reputation in the industry and communities in which we do business and being the different opinion our Customers and policyholders are looking for.

Living Our Legacy

I am proud to say that our private ownership has proven to be beneficial in providing stability, and order, during periods of erratic markets and economic downturns.

I remain focused on my role as the keeper of our strategy, governance and culture, developer of new ventures and leader of our promise to remain financially secure for our Customers, Colleagues and our community.

Today, our family culture, private ownership and focus on being financially secure are as much the unifying force at American Fidelity as they were 63 years ago. With our ability to create highly competitive products and deliver services, we look forward to continuing to offer a different opinion to our Customers. American Fidelity remains committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our Customers and policyholders.

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